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About us


Bringing you the finest collection of street art & urban art published in limited editions since 2012.

Whether you’re a serious collector, or a first-time buyer just looking for an outstanding piece of art for your Home, Graffiti Prints has something for you.

Founded in 2012 by Giancarlo Petrucci: inspired from his early collecting days from 2000-2012. all the good parts from legends like POW, SOS & Black Rat Press) but also, in part, a reaction to all the bad stuff. Like the snobbery, being in the club/vip list to buy first, POA, the badly produced prints being made and sold with terrible service etc.

There had to be a gap in the market for highly technical prints at great prices, quick & helpful service, sold to anyone who wanted them on a first come first served basis, packed properly & delivered in very strong tubes & coming with COA to guarantee future authenticity.

We were proved right and graffiti prints has grown to be a major player in the art publishing market over the last 10 years, we never stop innovating & we now make some of the best, most technical prints on the planet, all Released here on new releases.

For more info. About us, our Printing, Our Art Studio Spaces, to buy, or simply to say hello, drop us a line HERE.

If you’re an artist & you see yourself sitting alongside our other artists, please get in touch HERE!

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