About us

Since 2012, GraffitiPrints has been publishing limited editions of street art and urban contemporary art. For every work released, we are always driven to push forward creative ideas & printing techniques to deliver the best piece possible, supported by an outstanding pool of artists we are collaborating with.



GraffitiPrints was founded 10 years ago by Giancarlo Petrucci. As a long time art collector himself, he couldn’t help but getting inspired by legends like POW, SOS or Black Rat Press. Yet he was determined to take the opposite course of all the drawbacks of the art business, avoiding snobbery or VIP clubs.

That’s how over the past decade, GraffitiPrints has been affiliated with great artists to offer highly technical works with a price tag ⁠—and not on application⁠— selling to anyone who wants them on a first come first served basis, ⁠serious collectors like novice buyers. We’ve also been committed to bring a quality customer service, packing prints properly in very strong tubes, with COA to guarantee authenticity.


All of our prints are exclusively released on www.graffitiprints.com, via the New Releases page. To receive an alert and details prior any release, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our website.

For any other request, further informations about our available works or simply to say hello, drop us a line here.

Now if you’re an artist and you'd like to discuss a project, please get in touch here!