May 25 > June 22, 2024


New art space Hawley Projects opens on Saturday 25th May with a collective exhibition where 10 international artists offer their own vision of Margate

« VISION·S of Margate » presents original paintings, drawings and installations from 10 artists who have been offered for this project to explore connections with the town of Margate in their creative process.

The featured artists - Brusk, El Pez, Fanakapan, Flog, Louis Michel, Martin Whatson, Nuno Viegas, Onur, Pez & Sandra Chevrier - have very diverse practices, from urban to fine arts including contemporary and pop influences. Yet all have been gathered in Hawley Projects’ art space to share their own creative take on stories and places around Margate, paying tribute to our seaside town through beautiful original works.

« VISION·S » - connecting what we can see to different perspectives, as a bridge between reality & imagination. Come discover the parallel Margate they created!

Hawley Projects is celebrating the opening of the « VISION·S » on
Saturday 25th May 5pm-8pm in the presence of some of the artists.

All welcome, one of the artists also created a colouring page for kids, whether they want to express themselves for fun in the art space or enter a contest.

The show then runs until June 23rd, Thursday > Sunday, 1pm > 5pm.

Where to find us?

at the top of Hawley Street
13-14 Churchfield Place,
Margate (Kent, UK)